Why is Smart Steps Developing Mobile Apps for Persons with Disabilities?

Dr. Cindy Fisher, President and CEO

I am a special educator with over 30 years’ experience teaching students with a variety of disabilities, ages 5-21. Currently, I work with 18 to 21 year-olds in post high school transition services.

My students spend a lot of time in restaurants, in stores, at the public library, on job sites and at the local community college. I implement various strategies to help these young adults to become more self-sufficient.

One day, it occurred to me that it would be a lot easier if I could put strategies into an smartphone application. Wow, if it could help in this particular situation, what if we had apps to help with other issues? At that point, I realized I was onto something.

The first app, Smart Steps Mobile, was released July 2014, available on the App Store and Google PlayStore as a free download. As a paid upgrade, emergency contacts can be stored in the app.

More features are on the way in 2016, including:

– Decision Tree Maker portal to allow personalized content

– Read-aloud buttons

– Color selection

– Group licensing

-Text messaging

Smart Steps’ mission is to make decision making and other everyday tasks easier.

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