Smart Steps Mobile Helps Choose a College

Smart Steps Mobile is usually for everyday situations when you feel stuck, such as a late ride or needing to ask the boss a question. One new app user gave us a new idea, and we thought we’d create a scenario with a broader question: Thinking About Going to College.

Meet Kaylee. She is a senior and is considering college in the fall.

She heard about a transition fair and decided to check into it. When she arrived, she opened up the Smart Steps Mobile app and found the decision tree called “Thinking About Going to College”.

It covers several topics to consider, such as where to live, how to pay for college, and so on. She clicked on “Choose a College” and then the button about going to a college fair. She wrote down a couple of questions suggested in the notebook she brought with her. She wanted to ask about accommodations and the documentation needed for those accommodations. She had another question about support available to all students for reading, math, and writing. Then she wanted to know if they had classes related to her interest.

When Kaylee got to the table for the college that she was most interested in, she asked her questions. She found out about a volunteer opportunity related to her career interest, so she went to that table, too, and plans to apply for that as a summer experience.

Kaylee has other things to consider when choosing a college. She will be able to refer to the Smart Steps Mobile app to help her remember other considerations. She has already applied for admission, so she did not need those ideas. She knew that she would take a test to assess her skills in reading, math, and writing.

She picked up literature from other tables as well, leaving the fair armed with information and excited about her future.

The app will help Kaylee work through other college-related questions, too. She will talk with her parents about paying for college, figuring out where to live, and reflecting on her self-management skills. She can make a to-do list to address some things like financing and housing options. Other items related to self-management will help her determine whether she needs to work on skills such as time management and initiative.

Kaylee is excited about the support that Smart Steps Mobile provides: “I have really enjoyed being able to use smart steps whenever I need a little extra guidance with situations. It has been really helpful with making decisions in my day to day life.”

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