Can My Young Adult Attend College?

STATISTICS INDICATE THAT A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES ARE ATTENDING COLLEGE. According to the 2010 Census, 10% of students who were identified with a disability before they graduated from high school are attending college. This includes learning disabilities, mental health, autism, intellectual disabilities, and other such as vision or hearing impairments. While students […]

Independent Living Skills: Microwave Meals

Cooking at home can be a challenge. To keep it simple, we often think that stocking up with microwave meals is a simple way to be able to have a complete meal. It’s not always that simple. Microwave Oven vs. Conventional Oven First of all, most meals have two sets of instructions: Conventional Oven and […]

Community Conversation: Mental Health Issues

Do persons with disabilities commit violent acts? Can persons with mental health issues be productive citizens with satisfying lifestyles? What are some action steps toward a better mental health support system? These and other questions were presented and discussed as part of a U.S. national dialogue in Kansas City, Missouri, on September 21, 2013. Over 300 […]

Networking to Get a Job

The best way to get a job is through your personal network. Who do you know? Who do your friends know? Who do family members know? Who do your neighbors know? Who do those contacts know? Tell people that you want a job and ask them if they have any ideas for you. When they […]