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The Smart Steps Mobile App makes college, work and life more accessible.

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Lost a Backpack? Late Ride? We’ve Got You Covered!

Smart Steps helps college students figure out what to do in stressful situations. It enables campuses to provide that extra layer of support at a time when young adults experience increased independence and new pressures. Because it is customizable, it’s a useful tool for making college life more accessible, giving parents peace of mind. In today’s complex, fast-paced world, who couldn’t use a little more support?

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Learning the ropes on a new job is a challenge for anyone. Decision trees like A Question at Work helps a new employee or volunteer work through their response to a customer, guest or co-worker. Other decision trees related to making decisions can be developed through the decision tree maker. We’ll help.

Independent living or ‘adulting’ involves decisions in getting around, meals, shopping, and interpersonal skills. Smart Steps can be customized for your unique situation, either as an individual or as an agency or school.

Make your work easier: Content can be customized in endless ways.

  • Campuses: Write content that helps students adjust to the challenges of college.
  • Instructors: Set up options for a classroom project.
  • Parents: Customize decision trees for your child’s unique stressors.
  • Counselors and Support Staff: Help students manage stress by providing resources or reminding them of stress management tools.

A Panic Button is included for quick access to Emergency Contacts. The user can text or call a contact of his or her choice.

A Profile screen is also available to show to an emergency responder or other helpful person, particularly for those who may become ill or unable to speak in a stressful situation.

Here’s a video that shows how it works:



With Smart Steps, I have confidence that I can handle stressful situations. If I have a question at work, school, or on my own, I can log into the Smart Steps Mobile app and decide what to try. If I don’t know what to say, the app has a suggestion. If I am stressed out, I just use the Help button. I can call a friend or other Emergency Contact, stored on the Help screen. I ask for help when I want it and how I want it. Awesome!


Parents and Caregivers

I have more peace of mind with the support that Smart Steps provides. Instead of reminding my child, he or she can use the Smart Steps Mobile app for remembering routines. In times of stress, easy access to help is there. Bottom line: It’s not all up to me anymore. That’s a relief.


Campus, Agency, Business

Smart Steps walks individuals step-by-step through everyday decisions such as a lost backpack, or an awkward social situation. Smart Steps allows us to encourage resilience in students by providing support in real time that gives students and families security and peace of mind. That’s important to us.

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