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Sign up for a free account. Choose favorite decision trees.When I am in a sticky situation, Smart Steps Mobile helps me decide what to do.

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Parents and Family

Have peace of mind, knowing that a loved one has support for everyday life. Imagine the confidence gained when the app user can use his or her phone for help and function more independently.

Solving a problem or making a decision is often a step by step process that is contextual. Is someone close by to ask? Do I have time to deal with this problem right now? What resources are around me? Smart Steps Mobile leads the person through the process by offering choices. He or she only has to think about one thing at a time. Safety tips and social skills can be stored on the bottom half of the screen at the moment needed, such as “wait by the door” or “say thank you”. The app user ends on a hurray screen or a help screen. With the free version, the user would be told to use their phone to call for help.

Not a good reader? Smart Steps Mobile now has Read Aloud buttons in the app which can be turned on and off easily. This allows flexibility when the user may not want every button to be read aloud, or when they are walking into a quiet area and do not want the voice on.

The new Decision Tree Maker allows you to edit existing decision trees or create your own. Upload photos or icons and choose button colors to personalize it even more. To edit an existing tree, save it with a new name and when it’s ready, publish it in your individual account or share with the Smart Steps Community by making it public. An individual’s tree must be created in his or her own account in order to keep it private.

Decision Trees can also be used for a routine by writing one option per screen instead of multiple choice options. Store practical tips on the bottom half of the screen. For example, if the prompt is “Brush teeth”, the bottom half of the screen could say, “Put cap back on toothpaste” or “Brush for 2 minutes”.

With the Decision Tree Maker Plan, Emergency Contacts can be stored in the app for quick access, important in a panicky moment. The first contact listed is also displayed on the Profile Screen. This is handy for showing emergency responders or other helpful people.

Smart Steps Mobile was designed to encourage resilience. Let us know your thoughts and how we can make it better.

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Caregivers or Educators

Encourage independent thinking and resilience with decision trees for issues such as “I’m Hungry” or “I Lost Something”.

Do you have students asking for help after you’ve given instructions for a project? Are you differentiating instruction by offering choices in how to complete the project? With the new Decision Tree Maker, you’ll be able to create decision trees per your procedures and tell parents that you are personalizing instruction and building independence.

When you create a decision tree, you can share it just within your group or share it with the Smart Steps community. An individual could also personalize a decision tree you’ve created by saving it with a different name and keeping it private in his or her own account.

A read-aloud button can be turned on and off within the app for maximum flexibility and easy use.

To get started, the individual downloads the Smart Steps Mobile app and sets up an account in just a couple of minutes. Option: With the Decision Tree Maker Plan, Emergency Contact information can be quickly accessed through the Help Screen. One or several contacts can be inserted into the individual’s app, such as family members, a trusted neighbor, a caregiver, the bus company, and the school office.

Speech Language Clinicians: What better way to motivate and teach social communication than by using real-life scenarios? Social skills and other tips are displayed on the screen at the moment needed. Great for role-playing.

Review data on the Dashboard for growth in problem solving, perfect for documenting progress toward goals. Educators really like this feature. It’s a great way to assign an in-class activity or homework assignment and verify completion.

What other features would you like to see? Let Smart Steps know by using the contact form. Send us a note today!

Campuses and Agencies

Show families that you care enough to provide an extra layer of support. The Smart Steps system will set you apart when marketing to new students or clients.

Do you find that individuals are needing help more today than in the past for everyday issues or study strategies? Do you find yourself answering the same question repeatedly? Would you like to have a first layer of support to offer students or clients? Then you’re in the right place.

Smart Steps offers options and leads the app user through an everyday situation, one step at a time, ending on either a Success screen or a Help screen. There are no right or wrong choices, just what fits in the moment.

When app users install the free Smart Steps app, they have access to suggestions and options for issues such as “I lost my backpack” or “I forgot my lunch”. You will be able to write your own decision trees for your campus or agency that mention specific resources available.

If the app user is unable to solve his or her problem, the app will prompt them to call for help. An optional feature in the Decision Tree Maker Plan is to store Emergency Contacts in the app.

When the app user has your helpline listed as an Emergency Contact on the help screen, your staff can act as remote coaches. Imagine the panic that can be quickly alleviated by having resources available just at the moment needed.

If you are an agency that provides in-person support, maybe you have individuals who prefer more privacy and independence but who need occasional support. You could provide remote coaching with Smart Steps Mobile, providing a flexible level of support as they get ready for work, travel in the community, hang out with friends, or shop at the grocery store. Staff could support several individuals at the same time.

Employment First is a national initiative, focused on employment as a key outcome for persons with disabilities. Smart Steps is designed to help on the job. Decision trees can assist with issues such as how to handle questions from a customer, co-worker, or boss. Other relevant scenarios include late rides and being hungry. Decision trees can be customized or created from scratch using the new Decision Tree Maker, coming Fall 2016!

Offering an extra layer of support through Smart Steps is a great marketing tool for parents and clients who are concerned about security. Hear yourself saying, “We care enough about our students (or clients) that we are offering this extra layer of support.”

We’d love to hear what YOU would like to see. Just use the contact form or call 913-735-9870.

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