Smart Steps Mobile: Real Time Support for Everyday Problems

The Smart Steps® Mobile app is a personalizable tool for easy decision-making at work, school, or in the community.

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Lost a Backpack? Late Ride? We’ve got you covered! Prompts for Decision Making, Social Skills and Safety Encourage Self-Advocacy, Resilience and Independence.

  • In the Smart Steps Mobile app, click on a problem. Select from 2-5 choices per screen. There is no wrong choice, just what works in the moment.
  • Social skills support: sample scripts are provided to ask for help.
  • Safety tips or practical suggestions are offered at the moment needed.
  • For routines, you can create steps with one option per screen in the new Decision Tree Maker. The user would see one thing at a time and press the button to see the next step.
  • Each decision tree ends in either success “Hurray!” or “Time to Ask for Help”.
  • Decision trees encourage independence, resilience and self-advocacy.

Different Ways to Get Help

  • First, the app user gets help independently by working through a decision tree.
  • The Help button can be used at any time. If the app user is unable to solve his/her problem, a prompt will tell when to ask for help.
  • For those who may be hesitant or shy, the app encourages them that it’s time to get help.
  • In the free app, the app user is prompted to exit the app and use his or her phone to call for help. In a classroom, that’s when a student would raise their hand for help. As an upgrade, an unlimited number of Emergency Contacts can be stored in the app for quick access. To use this feature, sign up for the Decision Tree Maker Plan. Think neighbors, family, the vet, the bus company, a caregiver, and so on.
  • Agencies or campuses can provide remote support by offering a helpline for app users to store in the app as an Emergency Contact.

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App Usage Stats and Visual Feedback Are Useful for Teachers, Caregivers and App Users.

The Dashboard tab in My Account shows:

    • Decision tree usage: which one was opened, the day used, and the city. Teachers can assign homework and see results on this screen. Caregivers can check for repeated problems that might need further attention.
    • The number of problems solved over time.

Screens in the app celebrate and encourage:

  • A “Hurray” screen in the Smart Steps Mobile app gives immediate feedback when a problem is solved.
  • The “Ask for Help” screen assures the App User that it is a good time to call or text for help.

Smart Steps Offers a Breakthrough Level of Support for Families, Colleges, and Agencies!

  • Smart Steps offers a solution for people who want occasional support for everyday problems such as a late ride. Individuals don’t have to stay at home waiting for someone to accompany them. They have more opportunities to develop independence as they go to work, college or in the community, fitting in with the rest of their peers.
  • In the My Account page, check or uncheck Decision Trees that they want to show up in the app. The Decision Tree Maker allows editing and creating personalized Decision Trees.
  • Get help any time while using the app by pressing the Help Button. Prompts to ask for help are built in if the App User is unsure when to call.
  • Storing Emergency Contacts in the app allow a school campus or agency to support individuals in a personalized way using existing support staff. The school or agency would provide a helpline number on the help screen in the app for users to call. This allows existing staff to be scheduled more effectively by providing remote support instead of in-person support. Imagine being available in real time rather than by appointment in an office. Smart Steps provides a solution to support more people, over longer hours, and at a lower cost. Group licensing available. Win-win!
  • New: A Decision Tree Maker portal for editing and creating customized decision trees!

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